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Precise Communications for New Ideas & Growing Organizations

The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.  -- Ralph Nichols  


Our Approach to Strategic Communications  

Exact Wordsmith works best with clients when the relationship is one of collaboration and partnership.  We believe it's critical for a communications consultant to be at the table during early-stage planning, whenever possible.  The closer perspective we have of your organization, the better we can be at providing sound strategic counsel and managing realistic expectations.  And, because timing is everything, having advanced notice of your marketing and other business plans (including news, good or bad) enables Exact Wordsmith to develop the most successful communications strategies, tactics and timing to support those plans.

When strategic communications is used by startups or small organizations, it's often reduced to its simplest form: PR (public relations) = press release.  After all, to busy senior executives, a release is an immediate, tangible result that shows where the budget is going.  Exact Wordsmith offers your organization a better understanding of the full range of strategic communications activities that are available and appropriate for your particular needs.  We provide hands-on guidance and straightforward advice, at reasonable rates.

To introduce your organization, sell your product/service or advocate your newsworthy issue, Exact Wordsmith will help you lay the critical groundwork for success.  We provide clear communications action plans characterized by:

  • Proven strategies and tactics that support business objectives
  • Messages that are clear, concise and tailored to your target audiences (current and potential customers/partners, constituents, media, other industry influencers, and even competitors)
  • Use of appropriate delivery channels (media, partnersindustry leaders and other third parties) and formats (packaged media pitch, press release, marketing collateral, bylined article, case study, presentation, etc.); and
  • The right timing.

Strategic communications is a constantly evolving process that can help your organization effectively build awareness, credibility and trust over time.  We work closely with your growing organization to move beyond simple press releases to developing well-rounded, sustainable outreach programs that serve your overall mission.

For more information, contact: Scott Beller @ 202-365-5234

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