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Attributed to Rich Buickerood, Director, Dallas Zoo, 1998



Dallas zoo’s newest Exhibit will bring economic boost to south dallas while helping save the tiger


The modern steel and glass structures that shape the Dallas skyline seem a world away from the wild, natural habitat of far-off lands where endangered species cling to survival.  But   just south of downtown Dallas, one of the world’s most majestic creatures, the endangered tiger, will find an extraordinary new habitat and, ironically, help invigorate part of our city striving for a resurgence of its own.


The Dallas Zoo is a lead partner in an unprecedented, international effort to save the tiger.  On February 9, the Zoo will break ground on a $4.5 million natural tiger habitat.  This extraordinary exhibit, the Exxon Endangered Tiger Exhibit, will open in 1999 and will be an outstanding benefit to our city.


The new exhibit, made possible by Exxon and the Save The Tiger Fund, will put the Dallas Zoo at the forefront of the international tiger conservation effort.  More importantly, this exhibit represents another step in the Dallas Zoo’s efforts to bring economic revitalization to Dallas’s southern sector.


As the only major attraction in South Dallas, the Zoo is one of our city’s core assets.  It is clear that our institution means more to Dallas than our education, preservation, research and entertainment facilities provide.  It also is our charge to lead the effort to spur corporate and community interest in this area.  With continued assistance from companies like Exxon, and the support of city leaders and citizens alike, we are building the Zoo into a world-class facility.  The boost in tourism traffic will help all nearby businesses, bringing a much-needed economic boost to the region.


But the Zoo is not only committed to helping South Dallas economically.  It is one of our primary goals to use our facility for tiger research and breeding programs and to educate both young and old Zoo visitors.  In fact, the Zoo plans to eventually house six to ten endangered Sumatran tigers and to become a major breeding facility for this beautiful sub-species.  In addition, educational outreach – aimed at reaching children and their parents through local zoo activities designed to help them understand the plight of endangered species – is a primary goal of the Dallas Zoo’s Exxon Endangered Tiger Exhibit.

The new tiger exhibit will be a significant addition to the Dallas Zoo as well as the developing area of South Dallas.  While we are proud to work with the Save The Tiger Fund and Exxon to guarantee new life for this legendary species, we are equally pleased to contribute a renewed vitality to our neighboring communities

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