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For companies that need to protect information assets – for compliance, competitiveness or disaster preparedness – RedFile delivers a powerful and comprehensive suite of Digital Risk and Information Management (DRIM) solutions.   RedFile offers the most reliable, and cost-effective solutions, including secure archiving, disaster recovery, managed hosting and document management. 


Disaster Recovery/Managed Hosting

Magnetic tape, the traditional method of disaster recovery, presents an increased risk to a company as tapes can be damaged, lost or improperly handled.  While many businesses still rely solely on fragile tape backup for disaster recovery, RedFile protects a company’s information assets and provides instant access through a high-performance system of private network connections, secure storage, and separate, redundant backup facilities:


Secure Backup – RedFile’s basic service provides customers with regular (e.g., nightly) data copy backup via secure private network that is affordable, accessible and reliable.  RedFile’s online archiving solution is superior to tape backup in that it offers the highly secure environment of a geographically separate, hardened data.


Managed Hosting – The next level of RedFile’s outsourcing services is to host customer data and applications in its own secure data center, where RedFile provides all required infrastructure (hardware, platform software, monitoring and backup services).  This service frees up IT budgets and management bandwidth, and enables RedFile customers to focus on their core competencies.


Legal Hosting

In this era of high stakes litigation, the need to implement a proactive litigation support strategy is more critical than ever.  RedFile runs standard litigation support packages as an ASP service, and provides the following benefits to law firms and corporations involved in various types of long- or short-term litigation:


High Security – RedFile’s data center is built to U.S. Department of Defense specifications, and provides the most secure, reliable and redundant backup capabilities available.  RedFile’s state-of-the-art storage facilities operate 24x7x365, with microwave and sonic impenetrability.  These features, combined with its ability to offer secure, site-to-site private network connectivity, make RedFile a turnkey legal hosting solution.

Flexibility – RedFile creates customized managed hosting solutions that address an organization’s specific business needs, regardless of database size or duration requirements.  RedFile’s hosting options provide organizations with the freedom to seamlessly increase or decrease capacity, as needed.  In addition, RedFile can incorporate into its hosting solution the technology tools its customers already posses (e.g., Summation, Concordance, Docushare, etc.) or tailor an implementation to a customer’s network environment.

Support – RedFile’s network operations personnel are available 24X7 to answer customer questions.

Experience – Through its partnership with Cricket Technologies, a leader in the litigation support business, RedFile has valuable experience in the legal market.  RedFile is committed to offering the best solutions available to address the strict demands of the legal community.


Value – Value is the keystone of RedFile.  The company offers the highest value proposition in the legal hosting arena, with hosting and related services at extremely competitive and affordable prices.


Industry-Specific Solutions

RedFile’s industry-specific solutions ensure regulatory and legal compliance by mid-sized and large organizations in the healthcare, government, legal and financial services industries.  Its solutions are comprised of:


     A record retention workshop that explores all of the issues related to effective record management.

     The creation of a technical architecture for an effective enterprise content management solution.

     The ability to implement that solution onsite or offsite via RedFile’s hardened data center.


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For more information, contact:  Scott Beller @ 202-365-5234

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